Each year, travel and lifestyle magazine Conde Nest Traveler prints a list of the world’s best airports, airlines, hotels, cities, cruise ships, holiday islands and many other categories.

For the 29th year, readers of the magazine have been surveyed for ‘The Reader’s Choice Awards’. This year, over 300,000 people took part, but remember that most of the magazine’s readership are in English-speaking countries – which affects income, preferences and prejudices.

The results are still interesting and give an indication of how airlines are perceived.

Here is the world’s 10 best airlines :

    1. Singapore Airlines (which has won 28 out of 29 times)
    1. Emirates
    1. Air New Zealand
    1. Qatar Airways
    1. ANA – All Nippon Airways
    1. Virgin Australia
    1. Virgin Atlantic
    1. Korean Air
    1. Porter Airlines (regional company based in Toronto)
    1. Qantas
  1. The only European airlines to make the top 20 are KLM in 16th and Lufthansa in 20th.

See many other lists from the awards here: http://www.cntraveler.com/travel-awards/readers-choice-awards