I had my first experience with Swiss Airlines last week. Swiss Business Class from Stockholm to Zürich. Arriving at Arlanda on Friday evening and no cues to check-in, not even in Economy.


When flying premium cabin you kind’a want it to be cues at Economy, but no : )


Stepping in to what I thought was the SAS Gold Lounge. Once in the lounge I was a bit surprised by the poor buffé and wine from bag-in-box!! I mean I had a plate of carrot and cucamber sticks with potato sallad. Is this really SAS Gold Lounge??


I find out later that I´m in the SAS Business Lounge. The issue is when moving towards SAS lounges at terminal 5 you are greated with a big sreen saying ”Welcome to our new lounge” before entering. To the right of this screen you have the Menzies Lounge as I now understand. I thougt Menzies was the same as SAS Business Lounge but NO they are totally separate. Sorry for being such an amateur but sometimes you must learn the hard way. The differance by the way between SAS Gold and Business Lounge that I noticed is that in Gold you have better views of the airplanes, wines from bottles and warm food like smoked salmon and so on. However both lounges serve the purpose of a relaxed area to rest in.


The Business cabin of this Swiss flight was far from filled. 3 out of 12 seats taken. Once seated the friendly attendants give you a bottle of water and a napkin so you must wait for the drinks wich is ok since this isn´t First Class after all. Once in the air the real service starts.


I promptly requested champagne wich was of the brand Duval Leroy and tasted very well! To this i was served pretzels and crackers wich also tasted great : ) After a few refills of champagne I forgot about the terrible carrot sticks and dinner was served to my delight! I had the choise between lasagna and kalbfleisch and I took the latter.


The noodles served with it might look gray and booring but the taste was exquisite. The dish was accompanied by a sallad and fresh bread. To drink I choose the Swiss red wine served onboard. They also had an Italian red wine.


I particularly liked the cheeses Swiss serves onboard. Nice touch!


I don´t remember what I had for dessert but it was sweet and blended well with the cognac. Unfortunately the Swiss spirits for avec that the attendant purposed at first was out of stock. More champagne and also noticeable, water.


To summarize I was happy about this flight as service and meals/drinks where good. But nontheless I find it sad that you can´t get a really comfy seat when flying within Europe. A 2 + 2 config with armchairs that recline would be really nice. The seat on the bus to Arlanda was actually more comfortable than the seat on the plane.