This first class concept from JPA Design didn’t get much attention when it was unveiled in 2014. But now, following the success of similar concepts, is this design going to take off?

London and Singapore-based JPA Design have over thirty years’ experience designing interiors for the transportation and hospitality industries. And this project, named Domus, which means ‘home’ in Latin, dates back to 2014 when first class was somewhat unimaginative compared to some airlines’ premium offering today.


The latest generation of first class interiors, such as those from Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Etihad, have made Domus look like a realistic proposition.

The Domus concept resembles an apartment in the sky. Classy design features reflect the concept’s premium hospitality inspiration.


It seems that JPA is ahead of the curve when it comes to first class cabin design. You may well be seeing a concept similar to this in the air soon.


“This personal apartment approach continues to inform much of JPA’s work and will become more apparent in the studio’s output in the near future, as current development work is released into the market,” says Ben Orson, managing director of JPA Design.