At a time when most airlines remove their fleet of Airbus A380s, Singapore Airlines goes against the tide – the airline has confirmed they are continuing their significant investment in the superjumbo.

Singapore Airlines was one of the earliest airlines to fly the Airbus A380, and the aircraft type has undoubtedly a special place in their heart. The airline had 19 A380s in its fleet, but as a result of the reduced demand, its fleet has been reduced to 12 aircraft. However, the airline has confirmed that they are completing the planned upgrade of their remaining fleet. This means that all remaining A380s will offer the same upgraded cabins. The significantly smaller Airbus A350 currently operates flight routes such as Singapore-London and Singapore-Sydney, but these – and other popular routes – will progressively return to the A380. This is incredibly positive news for all of us who enjoy flying the A380, and this means that Suites live on – which is one of the world’s best First Class products.

BusinessClass attended the media launch in Singapore three years ago, when the airline launched its new cabin product. More spacious and exclusive suites, as well as Business Class seats that can be converted into a double bed, were some of the many highlights that were unveiled.

The airline announced at that time that it had invested a staggering USD 850 million in the upgrade for the 19 aircraft. Although the fleet is reduced, it is undoubtfully still a significant investment by the airline.

Singapore Airlines’ A380 fleet will in the future consist of a total of 12 aircraft. Five of these are new aircraft delivered in 2017/2018 with entirely new cabins. Three older A380s have already been upgraded to new cabins, and one aircraft is currently being upgraded. The airline confirms that three more aircraft are scheduled to be upgraded in 2021/2022 – this means that the entire A380 fleet will have the same cabins. It takes roughly eight months to upgrade the cabin on a single A380.

This is how each class looks like:

First Suites:


Business Class:


Premium Economy Class:


Economy Class: