To stay in touch with their fans in these challenging times, Singapore Airlines recently launched three «once-in-a-life experiences». BusinessClass has looked more closely at what is on offer

Between 24 and 25 October, Singapore Airlines will convert one of its parked Airbus A380s at Changi Airport into an exclusive restaurant. This will be a unique opportunity to experience the airline’s «world-renowned service», eat delicious meals on board and try their Business Class or Suites.


Photo: Singapore Airlines

All cabin classes will be available for this experience. Each cabin class has a special menu, which also includes international dishes and selected Peranakan dishes curated by renowned Singaporean chef Shermay Lee. The meals are accompanied by fine wines, recommended by the airline’s sommelier.


The price is as follows:

  • $ 53.50 Singapore dollars (approximately £31) in Economy
  • $ 96.30 Singapore Dollars (approximately £55) in Premium Economy
  • $ 321 Singapore dollars (approximately £183) in Business Class
  • $ 642 Singapore dollars (approximately £365) in Suites

Photo: Singapore Airlines

One of the highlights is a showcase of the airline’s cabin uniforms throughout the years. All guests also receive a «goodie bag», and according to the airline’s statement, guests arriving with traditional clothes, such as sarongs and batik shirts, will be given a special gift.


Photo: Singapore Airlines

In addition to this, the airline also organizes guided tours at their SIA Training Center, with simulator training, activities for children and various workshops.


Photo: Singapore Airlines

It will become possible to order First Class and Business Class meals directly home. The meal can be ordered along with other luxury articles that you usually get when you fly, such as Dom Perignon Champagne and porcelain from Narumi. It is even possible to order a private chef who heats up and serves the meals in the customer’s own home.


Photo: Singapore Airlines

Reservations can be made through, and KrisFlyer members can use their miles or collect miles on offer.