For years, passengers in Singapore Airline’s Business Class have lacked a proper amenity kit. This has been offered exclusively to travelers in First Class and Suites. But that is changing, as the airline will also provide this to its Business Class passengers.

Anyone who has travelled with Singapore Airlines knows perfectly well that Business Class passengers have no shortage of necessities such as slippers, toothbrush, moisture cream, etc. on board. As this is offered in the lavatories and can also be ordered by the cabin crew. But finally, Business Class passengers will be able to receive a proper «kit» that they can bring home and also re-use on future trips.

Until now, Singapore Airlines’ attitude has been that it is a «waste» to distribute such «kits», as many passengers do not take them home or use everything in the kit. Instead, they have chosen to provide a wide selection of toiletries on board to their Business Class passengers, while competitors have offered amenity kits to all their premium passengers.

It is important to note that Singapore Airlines has distributed amenity kits for shorter periods – including in connection with the opening of the ultra-long distance flight between Singapore and New York. Obviously, this has been well received in the market, as they now introduce it on their remaining routes, with the exception between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. We do not know all the details at this moment in time or the launch date, but based on the image below, the set from the British perfume house Penhaligon looks absolutely fantastic. This prestigious company has already partnered with Singapore Airlines, and their products are placed in the lavatories onboard.



The well-known French luxury brand Lalique delivers amenity kits for the First/Suites classes. Ever since Singapore Airlines introduced Premium Economy onboard a few years ago, they also launched a kit for passengers travelling in this class. A basic kit is also distributed to Economy Class passengers.