Times like these are extremely tough for airlines, especially when travel restrictions remain around the world. This has forced some airlines to come up with new and creative ideas for revenue

A new trend in Taiwan is that airlines organise sightseeing trips to “nowhere”. The whole idea is to recreate the feeling of flying and to give people joy during these challenging times.

One of the airlines organising this is the Taiwanese airline Starlux. This may be one of the world’s most unlucky airlines, as just two months after its launch had to halt all its flights due to the pandemic.

The journey begins with the passenger checking in as usual at the check-in counters, where the flight ticket and passport are checked. Once onboard, passengers can enjoy well-cooked meals from Michelin-starred Longtail and grilled from Hutong, according to Taiwan News.



Photo: Klook

Passengers receive a welcome package and are offered opportunities for duty-free shopping on board. For those who want an experience beyond the ordinary, it is possible to include a hotel night in a 5-star hotel afterwards. According to the airline, the journey is around three and a half hours, and the plane flies south towards the Philippines and then returns back to the airport in Taipei through Taiwan’s east coast.


Photo: Starlux

There has been an incredible demand for the flights. The first flight that was scheduled on 7 August was sold out in just a few minutes. The price for the sightseeing trip is around 120£. Starlux now organises these journeys on a rather regular basis. Large Taiwanese air carriers, such as China Airlines and Eva Airways, have also started to introduce similar flights.

Taiwanese airports, such as Taoyuan International Airport, have also found new ideas during these times. The airport has launched day activities, where visitors have the opportunity to see up close how the airport operates, enjoy an afternoon tea, shop duty-free and even watch the sunset.


Photo: Taoyuan International Airport

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