In September, SAS will launch a completely new ticket concept in Europe. SAS has chosen to follow the trend in the aviation industry and airlines such as British Airways, Finnair and Lufthansa, by introducing SAS Go Light, a new ticket type for travellers who, as the name suggest, travel light i.e. with only hand luggage.

The concept launches September 8, initially as a test in six European countries – Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain. After a testing period it will be extended to other European destinations. The aim is for the new ticket to eventually be available throughout SAS’s entire European network. The six countries have been selected to cover a wide variety of both leisure destinations and destinations which receive a large proportion of business travellers.

SAS Go Light means that free checked baggage is no longer included in the ticket, however, can be purchased, one checked bag costing 25 EUR at booking or check-in on the SAS website. To purchase a checked bag at the airport is more expensive. Current concepts, SAS Go and Plus, will offer the same baggage allowance as before.

Holders of EuroBonus Silver, Gold or Diamond will be allowed the amount of free checked baggage as stipulated by the current rules for each level. EuroBonus Silver members will thus be able to take one free checked bag with a SAS Go Light ticket, while EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members will be able to take two free bags. The regulations for Star Alliance Gold members with extra baggage will apply accordingly.

Otherwise, SAS Go Light offers no practical differences. Tickets can still be booked within 24 hours before departure and you can reserve a seat during online check-in 22 hours before departure or at a charge if its before (free for EuroBonus Gold and Diamond). You can also purchase other services such as lounge access. On board, coffee and tea currently included.

Stephanie Smitt Lindberg, Vice President of Customer Journey & Loyalty, tells “with the new concept, above all, SAS wants to create a greater choice and for passengers to only have to pay for the services they actually utilise. She hopes that SAS Go Light satisfies current customers but also attracts new customers through lower prices.”