Yotel Amsterdam Schiphol: Entrén

Yotel Amsterdam Schiphol, Netherlands – A night in a capsule

General Info and Location

Yotel Amsterdam, in Schiphol Airport, is situated in the non-Schengen part of the transit hall and is only available for passengers who are checked in or are in transit at the airport. The entrance is on the first floor, near the D-pier and passport control to the Schengen area. When switching between two Schengen flights,  as an EU citizen, there is no problem to use the hotel. However, it is required that you bring your passport and preferably a print out of your reservation to show to passport control and make for a smooth process.

If you start your journey in Amsterdam and choose to utilise the hotel before an early flight, before booking, you must check with your airline that you are able to check-in the night before, especially if you have luggage. This is important as you will not be able to get to the hotel without a valid boarding pass.


The Room

There are three types of cabins – standard cabins of 7 square meters, premium cabins of 10 square meters, and premium cabins of 23 square meters, which also include a double bed and a bunk bed for four adults.

I had booked a standard cabin, the simplest option. Standard cabins are arranged in a zigzag pattern along the corridor. This involves alternately walking up a staircase and then down a staircase to get to the door. This is to utilise the space most efficiently.

The cabin can hardly be described as large, but is surprisingly well thought out. To the left is the toilet and shower room, with a glass wall that shields the shower room from the rest of the cabin. To the right is the bed, in what can only be described as a small capsule, measuring 2×1metres. The bed is marketed as a double bed for two people, and two people will certainly fit in the bed, but any wiggle room is non-existent. Inside the ‘capsule’, at the opposite end to the pillows, is a mounted flat-screen TV with a wide selection of channels. The rest of the cabin, the little space that remains, has been left unfurnished. There is, however, a fold-out table fixed to the wall if you want to eat or work and the cabin also has a folding chair. If you need room to change clothes or pack, just fold back the table to free up some floor space. The cabin also has several strategically placed power sockets for you to use your computer or charge your mobile phone.

Eating and Drinking

Simple food is available to purchase at the reception, including sandwiches, simple hot food, sweets and snacks. In addition, there is beer and wine, miniature bottles of liquor, coffee, tea and soft drinks for sale. Outside the entrance is a large food court where you can buy hot food during the hours in which there are departures from the terminal.


Other Facilities

Free wireless internet is available throughout the hotel. The login code is the same as the reservation number on your booking confirmation and is automatically activated when you check-in.


Service and Status Benefits

Check-in can be done via either the round-the-clock manned reception desk, or through a vending machine if you are paying by credit card. During my visit the staff were very friendly, polite and spoke excellent English, as most do in Holland. They work as factotums at the hotel and take care of the cleaning, check-in, check-out and other guest services.



A simple but affordable option for a short overnight stay between flights. Although the cabins are extremely small, they have everything you need and the space has been impressively utilised and clearly well thought out. The cabin is possibly not suitable for the space demanding traveller or for those who are prone to claustrophobia, but for a short overnight stay, it is a great option and frees up funds for other endeavours.


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