Lufthansa Economy Class Munich-Düsseldorf

Lufthansa Economy Class Munich-Düsseldorf – Domestic in Germany

At the Airport

My visit at Munich airport was only in transit, and seeing as I already had the boarding card for my connecting flight there were no formalities whatsoever before the next flight. There were 90 minutes between the flights, resulting in good time to relax at the airport.

Munich is all the same a nice airport, and the Star Alliance terminal, terminal 2, is easy to use. All non Schengen departures go from the upper level and all Schengen departures go from the lower level. Unfortunately the terminal is reaching its maximum capacity, it’s becoming increasingly common to have to use the bus to get to or from the aeroplane, which destroys some of the efficiency with was the terminal pride when it opened. As luck would have it a new pier is being built across from the current terminal, and it will hopefully give some much needed assistance.

Lufthansa Economy Class München-Düsseldorf

The transit hall in Munich terminal 2

I mainly spent the time at the airport in Lufthansa’s Senator Lounge, the first one that opened in the terminal opposite of gate G19. There is now also another Senator Lounge across from gate G28 as well as a Senator Café (which is however only open on work days) where you can order a coffee drink with accompanying snacks. The lounge was filled with people but it was nonetheless possible to find a seat. I wasn’t especially hungry, so I simply ordered a dessert from the buffet, where they had blueberry cake and mango cheesecake. For the first time I visited Lufthansa’s business lounge, which shares entrance with the Senator Lounge but is a level higher up. A remarkably nice and presentable lounge with a traditional German beer hall in the middle of the lounge, featuring tree benches and Bavarian decorations.

Boarding and First Impressions

Boarding commenced 20 minutes prior to departure at gate G26. Priority boarding was offered in a very structured and well organised sense. Passengers in business class or with Senator, Hon Circle or Star Alliance gold cards could board first using the manned desk where all boarding cards were checked carefully so that only those could pass. After this was completed two automatic gates were opened for general boarding, where you could scan your boarding card yourself. This was an impressive feature by Lufthansa, impossible to imagine mere years ago.

I was the first to enter and I quickly found seat 04A on the first row of economy class. It was an Airbus A320 which were to take us to Düsseldorf, filled up to around 70%.

Lufthansa Economy Class München-Düsseldorf

Gray and rainy weather in Munich

Departure was slightly delayed due to poor weather, which forced the flight administrators to have to let the flights departure with some expanded time in between. The flight time to Düsseldorf was estimated for 50 minutes.

The Seat

The chairs on board were made by Recaro, it was the thin model which more and more European travel companies are switching to as they both take less space and weigh less. The chairs are marginally harder than the earlier, much thicker chairs which were used previously, but they do nonetheless work okay on trips of short or medium length. The positive side of these chairs being thin as that they also offer a bit more room for the legs, even though the actual space between the chairs hasn’t increased. The pocket has also been moved up to the upper section of the chair, giving a bit more space for your legs.

Lufthansa Economy Class München-Düsseldorf

The recaro chair on board Airbus A320

Lufthansa’s flights within Europe offer Star Alliance gold members an empty middle seat if possible. This isn’t an official benefit, but it is something the company tries to enable if possible. That means that the seat next to a person with gold card is to be one of the last available seats on the aeroplane, or at least that should be the case in the best of worlds. It worked well on this flight, in spite of a fairly stocked aeroplane the seat beside my 04B was empty, which wasn’t the case with the seats behind me.


Once in the air the serving trolly quickly came out and as I sat in the first row I was also first to be served. On the flight to Düsseldorf I was offered a nut cake as well as drinks such as beer, wine, juice, soda, coffee, and tea. This is the same service concept which Lufthansa has used domestically for a number of years, however the supply of alcoholic beverages has at times only consisted of beer. If I had been on an international flight outside of Germany I had likely been offered something more like a sandwich, confectioneries, or something hot like a slice of pizza.

The nut cake was nonetheless quite tasty, and alongside it I had a Warsteiner beer.

Lufthansa Economy Class München-Düsseldorf

Snacks in economy class


Nice service from the cabin personnel, just as you might expect from a 50 minutes flight in economy class.


In spite of a somewhat delayed departure from Munich the arrival at Düsseldorf was just on time at 17.00, parking in terminal A which is used by all Lufthansa and Star Alliance flights in Düsseldorf.

Lufthansa Economy Class München-Düsseldorf

Terminal A in Düsseldorf


A quick flight with nice service. All in all an unremarkable experience but nothing to complain about. Impressing handling of the boarding process in Munich.

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