Jurys Inn Heathrow Hotel

Jurys Inn Heathrow, London, UK – Excellent location and good value for money

General Info and Location

Jurys INN Heathrow is located in Hounslow, just to the east of the airport. The hotel is in a great location with just three minutes walking distance to the metro station, Hatton Cross. From here you can take the Piccadilly Line to terminal 1, 2 and 3 (one station), terminal 4 (one station), terminal 5 (two stations) or Central London (45 minutes). This makes it a great option if you come from, or will proceed in to central London or if you have a night off and want to make a trip into the city centre.

To get from the metro station to the hotel, follow the signs to the bus terminal and then go to the right and use the pedestrian bridge to get to the other side of the road. Then, continue straight ahead and to the right, past one transshipment terminal. The hotel is located directly after the loading terminal on the right side.

You can also utilise the airport Hoppa bus to go between the terminals and the hotel. Bus H9 from terminals 1, 2 and 3 and bus H53 or H56 from terminals 4 and 5. If you have an all-day ticket for London transport or an Oyster Card however, the Underground is a much cheaper option.

The Room

The hotel has 364 rooms with bed configurations for one, two or three guests or two adults and two kids. Room rates are generally the same regardless of how many people live in the room, however, any person may pay for themselves if they want to have breakfast as breakfast is not normally included in the base price.

The room is decorated in light wood with a large bed or two smaller beds, a work area, table with two chairs and wardrobe. All rooms have satellite TV, coffee maker, air conditioning and hair dryers. The bathroom is simple but neat with toilet and bath. Jurys INN has chosen to consider the environment with soap, shampoo and shower creme in large bottles attached to the wall rather than in small bottles for each hotel guest.

Wireless Internet is available in all rooms and in the lobby, however, there is a fee to use it.

For flight enthusiasts, you have in the hotel the advantage of being next to the approach to runway 27L (approach from the east). Get a room overlooking the south, be lucky with the wind and you can start the day by seeing aircraft from around the world pass outside the window. An enthralling view even if you are not an enthusiast. The windows, however, are completely soundproof.

Eating and Drinking

On the ground floor there is one restaurant, which serves breakfast in the morning and lunch/dinner later in the day. In the lobby, to the left of the reception desk, there is a Costa coffee bar that sells hot drinks, muffins and cakes. Behind is a bar where in the evening you can buy all kinds of alcoholic drinks and simple bar food.

The lobby has a combined kiosk and souvenir shop where you can buy sweets and drinks as well as newspapers and souvenirs. The hotel also has ten meeting rooms for conferences and events. Unfortunately the hotel lacks fitness facilities. Jurys INN Heathrow has no gym, pool, spa or sauna.

The restaurant was not tested in the evening, only during the morning. The breakfast buffet included both continental breakfast and English breakfast for self-service. There was nothing wrong with the food but also nothing that impressed and it was possibly not worth the £10 that it cost. The bar, however, was more enjoyable with friendly staff and TVs that showed football.

Service and Status Benefits

A nice welcome and friendly service in the reception, restaurant and bar with about the level of service you would expect in a three star hotel.

Jurys INN has its own rewards program called Jurys Rewards with three levels and the opportunity to earn points for free hotel stays. The two status levels (called “Floor 2” and “Floor 3”) for example, gives discounts at the bar and restaurant, free wireless internet and a drink in your room. A program that is not related to the major international hotel programs, but still useful if you stay often at Jurys INN. The hotel chain is found in most cities in the UK and Ireland.


It is the location that gives this hotel its biggest advantage. Having the Metro Station three minutes away with direct trains to both terminals, as well as central London, is hard to beat at Heathrow. Many hotels are in a remote location with regard to the terminals and public transportation, which means the transfer is both expensive and time consuming. At Hatton Cross, a train passes every five minutes throughout the day.

All in all, an affordable hotel that I utilised several times when I have had an early flight from Heathrow. The combination of good location, effective communications and good value for money makes this a great option for the budget-minded traveler.

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