There is a chance for Australian aviation enthusiasts to bring a piece of aviation history to their home. The Australian airline has retired its Boeing 747 and recently started to sell out parts of the interior.

Qantas Boeing 747, also known as the “Queen of the Skies”, flew for Qantas for nearly 50 years before it was retired. The farewell earlier in July sparked a day of nostalgia for the Australian population and aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

Qantas_200722_B747 Farewell_3125-min

First Qantas 747 1970s interior - First Class upper deck lounge.-min

Photo: Qantas

The airline has provided a unique opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to own a part of the 747 history. The trolleys, which come from Qantas retired and beloved Boeing 747 aircrafts, were immediately sold out and generated the airline approximately £0.6 million in revenue.

Qantas Catering Carts image2-min

Photo: Qantas

Those lucky enough to get a hold of one of their trolleys did not just get a piece of the Australian airline’s history. But also a well-stocked trolley with 80 mini bottles of Australian wine, a bottle of champagne, exclusive First Class bedding and much more. The price was from $974.70 Australian dollars (equivalent to about £540) and was sold only to buyers in Australia.

Qantas Catering Carts image1-min

Photo: Qantas

Those who missed the chance will have another one. On October 10, 2020, Qantas will auction other items, ranging from emergency signs, headphones and more at their charity auction at Qantas Domestic Business Lounge in Sydney.

Those of us who are unfortunately not in Australia can only hope that some of these items will appear at second-hand auction sites, or that more airlines with retired planes will become inspired by this initiative.