Last year, Qantas began upgrading its twelve Airbus A380, including new seats and a brand new bar. This work is continuing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and currently, three Airbus A380 is being upgraded in Dresden, Germany. The upgrade of the twelve aircraft includes First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

Prior to the pandemic, Qantas had already completed the upgrade on three of its twelve A380. According to the initial plan, all aircraft will be upgraded by the end of 2020, but this timetable is unlikely to be reached.

The editors at are pleased to see airlines continuing to invest in their A380, despite the current pandemic and the significant investment costs of keeping the standard of cabin product up to date.

There are numerous airlines flying the A380 with a cabin product that does not meet the standards one expects in 2020. However, Qantas is one of the airlines that strive for their A380 to deliver an experience that meets the customer’s expectations.

In anticipation of better times for the aviation industry, it is pleasant to dream by seeing the stunning interior expected on the Qantas A380 in the near future.

Important aspects of the upgrade:

– The introduction of Qantas Business Suite, which replaces the former SkyBeds; The configuration is 1-2-1 and each seat have access to the aisle.

Qantas A380 Business 2

Qantas A380 Business 3

Qantas A380 Business 1

– New seats have been installed in Premium Economy (Same as the company’s B787 Dreamliner).

Qantas A380 Premium Economy 1

Qantas A380 Premium Economy 3

– A lounge/bar with seating for up to 10 people is available for passengers travelling in First or Business Class.

Qantas A380 onboard lounge 5

Qantas A380 onboard lounge 4

– The 14 First Class suites are given new cushioning for better comfort, a new finish and a screen with higher resolution.

Qantas-A380-First-1-1000x667 Qantas-A380-First-2-768x1121

Once the upgrade is complete, the seats on all Qantas long-haul fleet (A380, A330 and B787) will be the same.

 The capacity of a Qantas A380 after the upgrade will be:

– 14 suites in First Class, unchanged.

– 70 suites in Business Class, an increase of 6 suites.

– 60 seats in Premium Economy, an increase of 25 seats.

– 341 seats in Economy Class, a reduction of 30 seats.