The expedition company Adventures Overland is hoping that luxury and comfortable buses will persuade adventurous travellers to take the 70-day bus journey from the United Kingdom, through 18 countries and over 20.000 kilometeres, to India.

Dubbed «the world’s longest bus journey», this is a copy of a journey that adventurous travellers took in the 1950s and 60s, when they travelled by bus between London and Calcutta.


Photo: Adventures Overland

The inaugural bus to London is set to take place in mid-2021, and then return to India, but is dependent on the development of the pandemic and future travel restrictions.


Photo: Adventures Overland

The bus can accommodate up to 20 passengers in a 1-2 layout, and unlike the buses that went last century, these buses are definitely more luxurious. The seats are much more comfortable, have better legroom, their own display, and sockets for charging mobile devices and other electronic gears. All seats also have a curtain for extra privacy. In addition, the buses are equipped with Wi-Fi and air conditioning.


Photo: Adventures Overland

The journey itself is divided into four parts. The first part crosses the English Channel and several countries in Europe before reaching Russia. The second part goes through Russia and the mountains of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan) to China. In the third part, passengers travel through China and see the Great Wall of China and visit the pandas in Chengdu. While the last part goes through Thailand, Myanmar, to India.


Photo: Adventures Overland

The total cost for the entire trip is approximately £15.500, and the package also includes overnight stays in 4 and 5-star hotels, tourist activities at each stop and travel documents such as visas and other fees. However, it will also be possible to travel only between specific destinations.