If you are planning to fly from Perth Airport on Qantas’ new London service then you’re in for a treat. Ahead of tomorrow’s launch of the new direct route, the airline has unveiled its swanky new wellness-focused International Transit Lounge in the new T3/T4 international wing, and it looks great.

Qantas has worked with the University of Sydney’s School of Physics to create a body clock intervention at the lounge that helps to reduce the effects of jet lag. The lounge uses bright light at the right times to help kick-start the adjustment of your body clock. This helps your body synchronise with the light cycles of your new environment and reduce symptoms of jet lag, such as tiredness or brain fog.


In fact, the entire lounge has been designed using an evidence-based approach to wellness. You can, therefore, find stretching classes at the lounge, jet lag-reducing lights, and an outdoor terrace.

The menu and timing of the food and drinks service on the Perth to London route have also been designed with your body clock in mind. So has the cabin lighting and temperature on board the 787 Dreamliner that will serve the new 17-hour route.


These innovations are part of the airline’s new approach to improving the health and comfort of its passengers.

The lounge offers a range of unique features including ‘light therapy’ in the 15 shower suites to help the body clock to adjust. Stretching classes will also be available in a dedicated wellbeing studio, and are sure to be popular.

After your class, you can then visit the refresh area where hydrating face products are provided.

Dining options include an open-air terrace with a BBQ serving cooking gourmet sausages from local Perth butcher Princi Smallgoods, and vegetables such as grilled mushrooms and corn on the cob.


Seasonal menus featuring gourmet dishes by Australian chef Neil Perry will also be available, along with a hot and cold buffet serving light dishes such as soups and salad bowls.

There is, of course, also a full-service bar stocked with premium wine and beer from Australia, as well as a coffee barista.


Other features of the lounge include seating for 141 customers, multiple USB and charging ports, wireless printing, Wi-Fi, TV screens, Sofitel service, and a hydration station – Quench – serving drinks including fruit-infused water, sparkling water and tisane (herbal tea).

The lounge is open to customers transiting in Perth when travelling on QF9 from Melbourne to London and QF10 from London to Melbourne. It is also open to customers beginning their journey in Perth.

Eligible customers include customers travelling in Business, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One Frequent Flyers, oneworld Emerald and Sapphire customers and Qantas Club members and their guests.

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