The new third-party lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol opened in December 2014. It is the former Menzies Lounge, also known as Lounge No 41, which has changed ownership and is now under the control of Swissport. It has now reopened as an Aspire Lounge with the same lounge concept that is seen at several airports in Nordic countries and the UK.

The lounge is located in the non-Schengen area of ​​the airport, on the 3rd floor of the central hall, near the E-pier. The lounge is only accessible to passengers travelling to a destination outside the Schengen, however, it is possible to visit the lounge when transferring from a non-Schengen flight to a Schengen flight, but you then need to set aside enough time to go through passport and security control after your visit.

During the winter and spring of 2015 the terminal building is receiving some renovations, so during this time the lounge has a temporary entrance. However, a significantly long walk to the entrance, that goes up and through the terminal building’s roof, means that a short visit to the lounge is somewhat pointless as it takes so long to get to and from the lounge. This walk will disappear once the renovations are complete.

The new lounge is a welcome change as the old lounge was fairly worn. The new interior is fresh and stylish with furniture in light and dark brown, and the floor and walls are made of a light wood. There are also many design details, like the unique decorative lamps on the tables and the TV in one corner that is built into the wall and plays a video of a burning fireplace, which all add to the atmosphere in the lounge. The lounge also offers excellent views of the apron and some of the runways through the large panoramic windows.

Food and drink

In the middle of the lounge there is a self-service area offering a basic selection of food and drink. The range of food includes hot snacks, soup, bread with toppings, fruit and snacks.

In the way of beverages, Heineken beer is on tap, there are bottles of red and white wine, a standard range of spirits, a soft drinks machine, juices and a coffee machine. At the far end of the lounge there is another buffet area, slightly smaller in size. This buffet area, which offers seating in the vicinity, is often subscribed to a particular airline, separate from the rest of the lounge, for example, Singapore Airlines often use this area.


Free WiFi is available throughout the lounge, and there is also a business centre with computers. In a rack are Dutch and international newspapers. There is also a separate smoking room.

Toilets are available in the lounge, along with showers. These, however, cost extra to use.


A real boost for Schiphol whose previous third-party lounges were not much to get excited about. A very fresh lounge with a sleek and stylish design and nice views. Possibly, there could be a little more food to choose from.