At the Airport

I founded a wonderful help at the check in from a blonde hostess., Navine I believe was her name, for some problems I had for a bag that I had

The Seat and Entertainment System

It was my first, and it will be last, time non BA business. Horrible seats. When I take a business is for the service of course but most important is the comfort. The seats are close one to the Others with the Horrible face to face position. It is unconfortable because if, during the night you want to go to lavatory you have literally to jump over the other lying person.

It was horrible because you do not have space for anything. You have only a very small drawer where you can only put your shoes. No place where to put my glasses while sleeping…no place where to put my books during night, only the floor….no place where to put the bottle of water during the night, it was on the floor too, so it was really dangerous because you or some other passenger  can stumble on it. VERY VERY UNCONFORTABLE seats.

The worst amenity kit I ever saw in so many years: just a shoes bag with amenities so you have to decide…put the shoes inside or use it to preserve the amenites? You do not have any place where to leave them..

Meals and Service

Good meals and wines..normal service

Your Verdict