Eleven new Moxy hotels are to be established in Europe by the end of 2016, including 3 in London and 1 in Aberdeen. In total, the new hotels will provide 2700 new hotel rooms in Europe. The aim is 150 Moxy hotels and 25,000 rooms by 2020.

Marriott describes Moxy Hotels as “a combination of Marriott’s world-renowned service and a thoughtful design that will keep you up and running and reachable.” The first Moxy hotel opened at Malpensa airport outside Milan in September 2014. There are also eight Moxy hotels in the USA, located in five major US cities.

Now Marriott have announced that another eleven hotels will open in Europe before the end of 2016. Interestingly, three hotels will be opened in London and one in Aberdeen.

Other hotels opening in 2015 and 2016:

-Moxy Munich Airport, Germany: Five minutes from the terminal complex at Munich Airport. Opens winter 2015.

-Moxy Eschborn, Germany: Ten minutes from central Frankfurt and 15 minutes from Frankfurt Airport. Opens the first quarter of 2016.

-Moxy Gateway Gardens Frankfurt, Germany: Located in Gateway Gardens, a short walk from Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport. Opens the summer of 2016.

-Moxy Aberdeen Airport, United Kingdom: Located at Aberdeen Airport. Opens in mid 2016.

-Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof, Germany: Located near Alexanderplats. Opens the autumn of 2016.

-Moxy London Royal Docks, United Kingdom: close to ExCel Exhibition Areas and Canary Wharf in east London. Opens the autumn of 2016.

-Moxy London Stratford, UK: In Stratford, east London, close to Europe’s largest shopping centre and the Olympic Stadium. Opens the summer of 2016.

-Moxy Oslo Expo Frame, Norway: Between Oslo and Gardermoen. Opens the summer of 2016.

-Moxy Copenhagen, Denmark: Near Scandiagade. Opens the summer of 2016.

-Moxy Essen, Germany: In Essen centre. Opens the winter of 2016.

-Moxy London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom: Located on Bath Road, north of Heathrow airport, with a bus service to all terminals. Opens the winter of 2016.


Moxy Hotels Interior


Moxy Hotels exterior