With climate change and the environment notable concerns in our modern world, hotels and resorts are reacting to demand from conscious and aware travellers to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. But eco-tourism does not mean sleeping under a mosquito net and enduring cold showers. 

A huge number of luxury lodgings are now making strides to improve their relationship with the environment – from fully solar-powered resorts to sustainable retreats that grow all their own food.

Now, a Brighton-based architect firm, Koru Architects, has unveiled “an inspirational and sustainable holiday home that combines luxury features with zero-carbon principles.”


The PassivPod is a sustainable lakeside holiday home that offers a healthy and comfortable living environment in all seasons, with exceptionally low running costs. A description on the firm’s website reads: “The informal organic layout of the development will complement an outdoor lifestyle and will embrace nature and wildlife.

“The house itself will nestle into the landscape, surrounded by trees and fronted by water. The interiors will be bright, spacious and welcoming, with all habitable rooms enjoying views of the lake.”


With four double bedrooms, two with en suite bathrooms, the PassivPod take eco-glamping to the next level. An open-plan living, cooking and dining space promotes sociability and inclusion, while a balcony and floor-to-ceiling south-facing windows allow plenty of natural light to fill the ‘pod’.

Additional feature include a wood stove, hot tub, gazebo and BBQ. Solar panels on the roof provide electricity and hot water, while rainwater is harvested for laundry systems and toilets.


A luxurious improvement on the classic British caravan and the iconic American mobile home, the PassivPod looks to fill a gap in the market which is becoming more prevalent as environmental awareness rises and eco-tourism flourishes. With the many proven health and wellness benefits of time spent in nature, we at BusinessClass would relish the chance to immerse ourselves in some pristine, British countryside, whilst also experiencing a comfortable, luxurious and environmentally friendly lodging.

The PassivPod is currently in the design phase with Koru Architects currently working with engineers and business advisors to produce technical designs, launch a funding campaign and build a full-scale prototype.