SAS Lounge, Oslo Gardermoen, inrikes

SAS Lounge, Oslo Gardermoen (OSL), Inrikes


SAS’s new domestic lounge is located near gate 15, a short distance from the domestic pier, and is accessed via two staircases. The lounge is 300 square metres, has 112 seats, and consists of a large room that serves as the main lounge and a separate elongated room with seating areas and workplaces which runs parallel to the arrivals corridor.

The lounge is based on SAS’s new lounge concept in which the design is based around different tempos. The idea behind the lounge is that it should be a nice place where you can wind down, relax, or get some work done. The focus is to create something pleasant rather than something luxurious. Just as in the domestic lounge in Stockholm, there is a turnstile at the entrance where guests scan their boarding pass or their bonus card.

Access is offered to people travelling in SAS Plus or those who have a Gold or Diamond Card in the EuroBonus scheme.

Eating and Drinking

There are simple drinks and snacks on offer in the lounge. Smoothies are available in the morning, and fruit, cakes, and cocktail snacks are available during the rest of the day. the lounge also provides instant noodles. The lounge has no real kitchen which limits the ability to serve more substantial food.

Beverage offerings include soft drinks, juices, coffee from a machine, tea, as well as beer and wine for self-service.


The lounge offers wireless internet and a standard range of newspapers and magazines found in a low bookcase located just after the entrance. There is also a large TV with a slightly unusual curved design that allows one to see the screen from a large part of the lounge.

Toilets are located just outside the lounge.



This is a domestic lounge and can never be compared with, for example, a Gold Card Lounge at a large hub. The lounge is, however, bright and fresh and the new SAS design fits in very well in the domestic pier. Windows facing all directions provide plenty of natural light. The lounge has a pleasant atmosphere and is a pleasant place to spend an hour.

The range of food is simple but the availability of both beer and wine is certainly a positive.


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