Galaktika Business Lounge, Moscow Sheremetyevo

Galaxy Lounge, Moskva Sheremetyevo (SVO), Terminal E


The Galaktika Lounge (also known by the English name, Galaxy Lounge) is located in terminal E at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. It is possible to access the lounge if you are flying from terminal D or terminal F as the three terminals are connected and there is no screening or document control to move between them. The lounge is used by a number of airlines and access is also granted with a variety of different credit cards and lounge cards.

The lounge is slightly hidden at the back of the transit hall, with the entrance between two duty-free shops, but it is not particularly hard to find if you follow the signs.

The interior is light and spacious. The lounge consists of one very large room with leather sofas and leather armchairs, as well as a buffet area with chairs and tables. On the wall you find the airport’s name, Sheremetyevo, written in both English and Russian, and there are also several pictures of the airport.

Eating and Drinking

In one corner of the lounge is the buffet area, housing both a self-service section and a staffed bar. The buffet area has two refrigerators containing a selection of pre-made sandwiches, pastries, cheeses, pancakes, yoghurt and fruit. Beside these is a third refrigerator with beer and various soft drinks. A coffee, tea and juice machine is on a table next to the refrigerators.

At that manned the bar you can order various alcoholic beverages such as wine and liquors.



Free WiFi is available throughout the lounge, however, you can also use the public network at the airport, which generally works fine but does have a tendency to log out if the user has not been active for some time.

At the far end of the lounge, slightly hidden away, is a business centre complete with workstations and computers.


Overall, a fresh and modern lounge with nothing revolutionary in the design or facilities, but certainly nothing to complain about.

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