Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge, Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge, Hong Kong International (HKG)


Cathay Pacific’s latest lounge in Hong Kong opened in October 2013, and is located at the point where the two wings come together in the Y-shaped terminal. After, “The Wing”, “The Pier”, and, “The Cabin”, the latest lounge is dubbed, “The Bridge”. The lounge is hard to miss, after you come up the escalator from the transfer area West, and the train terminal, it is located right in front of the escalator, with a large sign. In fact, the entrance is so big that you could almost miss it for this reason.

From the shopping area, you take the escalator one floor down to the lobby and reception area, where boarding passes and any bonus cards are verified. You can go either right or left, depending on what facilities you want to use, as there are various facilities on both sides. The different sides have been named, “North Wing” (right), and, “South Wing” (left). It is possible to walk between the two sides by passing through the reception.

Many of the concepts feel similar to those found in their other lounges, for example, The Long Bar, The Coffee Loft and The IT Zone.

In the North Wing you find, The Bakery, The Long Bar, and a large lounge with seating areas and multiple TV’s. In the South Wing is, The Bistro, Coffee Loft, The IT Zone, as well as shower facilities.

The lounge design is similar to that found in Cathay Pacific’s newer lounges, such as, The Cabin, and the newly renovated, The Wing, designed by the design firm, Foster + Partners. The decor is bright, with large panoramic windows facing the apron. The design resembles that of a living room with a homely environment, with paintings, lamps, rugs, and dark wooden floors, which actually work quite well and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Eating and Drinking

Several different food concepts are available in the lounge, and they cover most of what you could want, either for a quick bite, a more substantial meal, or just a drink.

The Bakery, in the North Wing, offers freshly baked bread, pizza, sandwiches, Western and Asian soups, salads, and sweets and pastries.

At The Long Bar, in the North Wing, it is possible to order various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from a staffed bar.

In The Bistro, in the South Wing, there is a self-service buffet, with hot Western and Asian dishes, cold cuts, salads and various desserts.

The Coffee Loft, in the South Wing, is a café where you can order coffee, tea, as well as muffins, cakes and pastries.


In the South Wing are several showers, with a small lobby where you can wait should no shower be available. The shower rooms are very fresh and spacious, and also have a toilet, mirror, sink and toiletries.

If you want to work in the lounge, there is free WIFI available. A password is required, which can be obtained from the staff or from signs in the lounge. If you do not have your own computer, then the IT Zone has computers available for use.

There are several TV’s located in the seating areas in both the North and South Wings, there are also racks of newspapers and magazines.


A bright and comfortable lounge, with good high-quality facilities and attentive staff. There is not much missing. The lounge is possibly a little too large to give a real cozy feeling, and with parts of The Pier lounge, a stone’s throw away, closed for renovations, The Bridge will be getting a few extra visitors. But otherwise it is a welcome addition in Hong Kong.

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