British Airways Galleries Club Lounge, London Heathrow Terminal 3

British Airways Galleries Club Lounge, London Heathrow (LHR), Terminal 3


British Airways’ lounge in terminal 3 consists of a large lobby with a first class lounge on the left and a business lounge straight ahead. The business lounge, ‘Galleries Club’, is oblong in shape with the entrance located at one end. It is divided into several sections, each section with its own purpose. The concept is the same as the lounges found in terminal 5, however, the lounge in terminal 3 is slightly smaller. Parts of the lounge offer inviting views of the apron and the southern runway.


Eating and Drinking

The lounge has a very good selection of food and drink available from the different sections. Right after the entrance you come to ‘Club Deli’, offering a variety of hot meals, sandwiches, soups, meats, yoghurt with müesli, and pastries. Further into the lounge you find ‘Coffee House’ ,with a coffee machine and baked goods. There is also ‘Wine Gallery’, with a number of wines available for self-service. At the far end of the lounge there is ‘Silver Bar’, offering various spirits,water and juices over an elongated bar.



Free WiFi is available throughout the lounge (password on the departure screens in the lounge).

The lounge has a business centre complete with computers, as well as a good selection of newspapers.

There is also a playroom for children and a service desk where guests can get help with service issues, e.g. check-in and rebooking.


The lounge is not as nice as British Airways’ newer lounges in terminal 5, but does offer a very good selection of food and drink along with nice facilities.

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