British Airways Concorde Room, London Heathrow Terminal 5

British Airways Concorde Room, London Heathrow (LHR), Terminal 5


The ‘Concorde Room’ is a British Airways first class Lounge that is open to passengers travelling with British Airways in first class. The name, Concorde Room, is a leftover from when British Airways flew with the Concorde from London and the Concorde Room served as a sort of combined gate and lounge for Concorde departures. When the Concorde was taken out of service the lounge lived on as a first class lounge, and when terminal 5 opened at Heathrow a new Concorde Room was unveiled. There is also a lounge in terminal 5 called ‘Galleries First’, which, in a formal sense, is also a first class lounge, but is unlike the Concorde Room in that it is also available to passengers with a BA Gold Card or One World Emerald card, regardless of cabin class.

The interior of the Concorde Room is in the style of a five-star boutique hotel, with luxury furniture, chandeliers, and framed art producing the feeling of a home away from home. The lounge is divided into several different areas, with the main lounge area located just inside the entrance, a large terrace located in the terminal’s atrium, a long bar, an a la carte restaurant, a business centre, a relaxation area, and cabanas with beds.

The main entrance to the Concorde Room is located in the southern part of the terminal, in the same area as a number of other lounges. If you start your journey at Heathrow, there is also a door to the Concorde Room on the right hand side immediately after the fast track past security control.

Eating and Drinking

The Concorde Room offers an à la carte menu throughout the day, with breakfast dishes available in the morning and lunch/dinner options during the rest of the day. There are 2/3 starters to choose from, 5/6 main courses, 2/3 desserts, as well as cheeses. The food can either be enjoyed at one of the tables in the lounge or in the à la carte restaurant where one can sit in their own secluded booth with room for 2/3 guests.

The bar offers a good range of drinks, including two kinds of champagne, wines, spirits, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

Food and drink can either be ordered at the bar/à la carte restaurant or at your table to one of the serving staff.


In addition to several different seating areas found in the lounge, there are also workspaces for those wishing to work. For people who want to relax or freshen up, the lounge has both shower rooms and rest rooms.

There are several TVs in lounge, as well as a good selection of newspapers and magazines, free WiFi, and a service desk. The lounge also offers a concierge service, operated by Quintessentially Lifestyle, which you can make use of up to 14 days before and after your departure. There is a concierge desk in the lounge.

Next door to the lounge you find ‘Elemis Travel Spa’, which offers massages and other treatments. As a first class passenger, a free 15 minute massage is offered on a first come first served basis.



The Concorde Room offers a good range of facilities, an impressive a la carte menu and an extensive selection of drinks, however, the lounge does not live up to the levels of personal service and attention that are found in some other first-class lounges. During this test visit, the lounge was so full that, at times, seating was hard to come by. The staff were stressed and some orders were forgotten.


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