Aviator Lounge, Köpenhamn Kastrup

Aviator Lounge, Köpenhamn Kastrup (CPH)


The Aviator Lounge is located in the Schengen part of the transit hall, between the A-pier and the B-pier, one floor above the shopping area and is accessible by stairs or lift. The lounge shares an entrance and reception with the CPH Apartment Lounge. After the reception, go to the right to get to the CPH Apartment Lounge and go to the left to get to the Aviator Lounge.

The lounge consists of a buffet area, located directly after the reception, along with various seating areas. Continuing further into the lounge you come to a lowered area at the bottom of a few steps, where there are tables, chairs and larger arm chairs, as well as a good view of the apron. The interior is mostly wooden while the armchairs are blue.

One disadvantage of the Aviator Lounge is that it can get very crowded during peak times and it can be difficult to find a seat. The lounge is available to passengers with Priority Pass, Diners Club and various credit cards.

Eating and Drinking

Simple cold food, which varies depending on time of day, is available in the lounge. During my visit, chicken and turkey with couscous was on offer, as well as salad and bread with butter and cheese. There was also crisps, snacks and cakes available.

The choice of beverages consisted of bottled red and white wine, Tuborg on tap, a standard range of spirits, a juice machine, soft drinks and a coffee machine.


Free Wifi is available throughout the lounge and there is a standard range of English newspapers and magazines in a bookcase near the buffet.

Toilets are available next to reception.


A simple and unremarkable lounge that can become very crowded at peak times. The range of food and drink, however, is perfectly acceptable for a third party lounge.

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