CPH Apartment Lounge, Köpenhamn Kastrup

Aviator “CPH Apartment Lounge”, Köpenhamn Kastrup (CPH)


CPH Apartment Lounge is located in the Schengen part of the transit hall, between the A-pier and B-pier, one floor above the shopping area, and is accessible by stairs or elevator. The lounge shares its entrance and reception with Aviator Lounge. After you walk past the reception, go to the right to get to CPH Apartment Lounge and to the left to get to the Aviator Lounge.

CPH Apartment Lounge is used by most airlines who do not have their own lounge at the airport or have no connection to SAS and Star Alliance. You can also purchase access at reception. Travellers with Priority Pass or Diners Club, for example, are referred to the Aviator Lounge on the left.

The lounge is built a bit like an apartment, with comfortable armchairs, plants, ornaments, TVs, a library, study area, and of course, a buffet section. The interior is perhaps not spectacular but is certainly still a decent standard. Above all, it is spacious and airy, more so than the public Novia lounge next door.

According to the website, it is inspired by a classic luxury apartment in Copenhagen, designed to provide an informal and enjoyable experience.

Eating and Drinking

The self-service buffet has simple cold food which varies depending on time of day. During my visit there was fish cakes with couscous and various vegetables available, with sides of bread, butter, cheeses and fruit salad.

Beverage offerings consisted of red and white bottles of wine, beer on tap, and a standard selection of spirits. Next door there is a vending machine for soft drinks as well as a coffee machine.


There was a good and fairly wide selection of newspapers and magazines available in a black elongated bookcase, opposite the buffet. There are also several TVs in the lounge.

Free Wifi is available throughout the lounge and there is also a small number of computers and workstations where one can get some work done.

Toilets are located next to reception.


The lounge is perhaps not spectacular, but offers a slightly different and pleasant decor and a decent selection of drinks and cold food. In addition, there are workstations and free internet.

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