British Airways has received its first delivery of the new Boeing 777-300ER, and it comes with an upgraded First Class – Finally, it will become possible to close the door.

Strictly speaking, their new First Class is more of an evolution of the existing product, which is now starting to become somewhat outdated. Unlike First Class passengers, British Airways offers sliding doors in their Club Suite (Business Class) which gives passengers plentiful of privacy on board.

British Airways currently offers Club Suite on their Airbus A350 and some of their Boeing B777.

This is what the Club Suite looks like:


So far, sliding door has not been offered in the First Class suites. But finally, that is about to change! The new luxurious product will first be available on the upcoming B777-300ER. It will likely also be on the 18 Boeing B777-9s ordered unless this order is changed due to the turbulent time in the aviation industry.

The brand new First Class product remains as before in a 1-2-1 configuration. In addition to the new doors, we can anticipate changes around the seat. However, these details have not been released yet, but our estimations are that it will be incremental changes related to the surfaces, materials, etc.

British Airways’ First Class: