Ethiopian Airlines holds a strong presence in Europe with its flights from cities such as London, Frankfurt and Vienna to Addis Ababa and onwards to other destinations. Bole International Airport has long been overdue for an upgrade, and now a new terminal is finally in place. Passengers can enjoy a smoother trip and superior offerings at the airport.


The Ethiopian Airlines route is popular among travelers to Ethiopia and onwards to destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. South Africa and Seychelles are also ranked high on the list of destinations. Regardless of the destination, one has to transit in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa and Bole International Airport. So far, there has not been much to boast about the airport. Many passengers have noted that the quality of the airline is a far cry from being matched by the airport. Now the new terminal is finally inaugurated, and it will significantly improve the travel experience.


For passengers in Business Class or Star Alliance gold card holders, a new Ethiopian Airlines lounge will provide a superior experience. The lounge is over 5 000 m2 and includes facilities such as showers, the possibility of massage and a wide selection of food and beverage offerings. The unique coffee ceremony remains, which offers an exciting opportunity to try out the coffee, which is said to have originated in Ethiopia.

In addition to Ethiopian Airline’s lounge, the new terminal also offers spacious new areas at the gate, travellators, panoramic lifts and abundance of shops and service. Three new gates are directly accessible from the terminal, and ten new remote stands are also available, making the airport better equipped to handle the approximately 22 million passengers that pass through each year. Passengers who start or finish their journey in Addis Ababa will benefit from the new spacious check-in areas, with 60 check-in counters and 30 self-service kiosk stations. The border control has increased its capacity, which, in turn, will shorten the waiting time significantly. On arrival, there are 32 passport control, and 16 when leaving the country.


In these COVID-19 times, we note that this is the first airport to expand with a new terminal after the pandemic outbreak. In a step to prevent the spread of infection, the airport has also installed several temperature scanners to check passengers temperature.


Have a look at this movie, which presents the terminal.