Rosewood Hotel Group has unveiled its new and long-anticipated hotel concept – KHOS. The hotel breaks the conventional boundaries of work and play to attract today’s’ modern business traveller.

Rosewood, one of the world’s leading hotel chains in the luxury segment, is following its competitors and is opening a new hotel concept that caters to today’s business travellers.


Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

The name KHOS derives from the Mongolian word for “pair” and the idea that the hotel should encourage cooperation between creators. Whether it is entrepreneurs who exchange ideas or friends who strengthen their emotional ties. KHOS aims to redefine the traditional business hotel by removing the boundaries between work and play.


Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

The hotel combines the benefits and facilities from business hotels, lifestyle hotels, social clubs and co-working places into an ecosystem of services hand-picked for today’s “modernists”.


Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

The room has a minimalistic design, but details such as custom pillows and special beddings enhance the experience.


Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

Words such as “casual” and “modern” define the culinary offerings. Gourmet street food is combined with nutritious modern food culture in a relaxed environment.


Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

The hotel group has massive expansion plans for the new hotel concept. The hotel has already been opened in three cities in China (Shenyang, Langfang and Qingyang) and soon in India.