Hello members!

It has only been two weeks since our unique FLIGHT UPGRADE GURU was launched and we can already see that it is a highly valued tool. We have daily registrations and a number of different members are contributing details of their upgrades.

As is expected, most registrations are for SAS, but data on other airlines has started to arrive.

The idea is for this functionality to help those of you who use FLIGHT UPGRADE GURU to not pay more than the highest required fee for future upgrades.


BusinessClass would like to offer further incentive for “data harvesting” by launching a large bonus reward. Anyone who contributes data to the system by registering their upgrade will get a ticket in a contest where the winner receives 20,000 EuroBonus points.

Competition rules:

– The competition takes place in 2016, with the winner being picked in January 2017.

– Each upgrade entry corresponds to one ticket. For example, if you do 10 registrations, you get 10 tickets.

– BC is also encouraging data from other airlines. This means that if someone has spent time finding data from sources other than their own orders, for example from the Flyertalk forum, this will be accepted. This should be stated within the comments box.

– Misuse, i.e. the insertion of false data, will result in the deletion of the data and profile responsible / IP blocking.

Hotel Search

Additionally, we would like to mention that our new hotel search tool has proved very popular. This is a solid sign that you, our users, can find the best rates for good hotels while saving time and money. It is mostly 4- and 5-star stays being booked, as well as the occasional 3-star. We at BC are very happy that you members are using our service. The kickback we get from it goes, as previously mentioned, into the development of exciting new functions – FLIGHT UPGRADE GURU as a good example. Autumn is high season for city breaks and your ideal hotel can be found here.

Regards, team BusinessClass