BusinessClass wrote earlier that Emirates launched Premium Economy on its Airbus A380. Today, we can reveal that they have enhancements across all cabins onboard its latest A380 aircraft.

Although a series of airlines have chosen to remove their Airbus A380 from its fleet, it is still an aircraft that will be in service for years to come. The Airbus A380 is an fundamental cornerstone of Emirates’ success in connecting the world through Dubai. The airline is the world’s largest A380 aircraft operator and has ordered six new aircraft, scheduled to be delivered over the next two years. BusinessClass previously wrote about Emirates’ new Premium Economy, but enhancements are made on all cabins onboard its latest A380 aircraft.


First Class consists of as before of 14 private suites, and these will now offer slightly wider and taller doors – which provides passengers with superior privacy and comfort. There are also minor cabin details and finishes, such as the decoration on the stairs.


The exclusive lavatories and shower spa has received a refreshed design trim.

The Business Class seats are retained as before, but the surface is new with brand-new leather covers, wood finishing, and calmer colours similar to the cabin products on the airline’s Boeing B777-300ER «gamechanger» aircraft. The seat configuration is still 1 – 2 – 1 for a total of 76 seats in Business Class.


The same colour palette is reflected in the signature bar area, which First and Business Class passengers have exclusive access to.


All of the 338 seats in Economy Class has been replaced with an ergonomically designed seat, which is lighter and more comfortable. The full leather headrests have flexible side panels and can be adjusted vertically for optimum support. Similar to before, the economy class seats have a 13,3” inflight entertainment screen.