Here is the latest news on how we are working to make even better.


The traffic on all our sites is stable, but the Norwegian in particular is growing swiftly, which is gratifying to see. Forum users account for a significant part of the activity on Some 30,000 threads and 550,000 posts is a large and impressive haul. When will we achieve 1 million posts?


You who use BusinessClass travel a lot. You also stay in hotels often. We would enormously appreciate it if you at least check the best price on our hotel search tool when planning your next trip. Who knows, you might find an amazing deal! In any case, just like the ads mentioned above, the hotel booking feature is a very important source of income to keep the cogs here at BusinessCLass turning. That you are utilising our search tool in your buying process is very appreciated and contributes to the continued quality of all our services. And, as the price is the same with us as elsewhere, it would mean a great deal if you were to use just our service. A big thanks.


We now have nearly 500 accepted bids in the FLIGHT UPGRADE GURU, spread over bids that have been accepted for cash and points. This is superb and it seems that we are the only ones that have a service as good as this. But it can be even better, so keep entering all your data, especially for airlines other than SAS.