An extra pillow? Fresh towels? These are the sort of requests hotel staff can regularly expect from guests. However, according to Travelodge, requests can get quite quite bizarre.

The UK’s biggest independent hotel chain has revealed the strangest requests it has received across its 506 UK hotels during 2015. Here are some of those strange and often ridiculous questions and requests:

· Is Haggis an animal?

· What time do the Northern Lights come on?

· Does the Angel of the North ever visit the South?

· How do I get out of the front door?

· What time does Big Ben go to sleep?

· Can you ask the seagulls to be quiet?

· What train do I get from Kings Cross to get to Hogwarts?

As a result of Travelodge growing its corporate business during the last 18 months, hotel teams across the country have also reported a significant rise in bizarre requests from business travellers. Here are some of our favourites:

· Can you attend a meeting with me and pretend to be my PA?

· Can I hold a brainstorm with your hotel team?

· Can you reserve a whole train carriage for me as I have an important presentation and I need to rehearse on my journey from London to Edinburgh?

· Can you go and pick up my boss from the airport as I need to finish off my report?

· Can you type a report on my iPhone if I dictate it you?

· Can I borrow your suit as I have burnt my trousers?

· Can you do my tax return?

· Can you call me out of a meeting and say it’s an emergency so that I can catch my train?

“With over 17 million customers staying annually in our 506 UK Travelodge hotels, our hotel teams receive thousands of unusual requests from business and leisure travellers. Our hotel teams will always try their best to accommodate all customer requests but there are some requests that we physically just cannot help with such as controlling animals and switching on the Northern Lights,” said Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman.

What is the strangest request you have ever made to hotel staff?