British Airways has released details of The First Wing, which is set to open its doors early April in Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

Located next to BA’s first class check-in area, the wing will provide a dedicated walkway, from check-in to lounges, that will “provide BA’s most valued customers with a calm space to pause before continuing their journey from Heathrow.”

Recently published on BA’s website are five of the key enhancements to look out for in The First Wing.

  1. 1. A bespoke design

British Airways worked with London-based Universal Design Studio to create the new wing. The studio took cues from the British Airways’ First cabin and the airline’s design heritage in developing the interiors. Oak marquetry and a glass and mirror chandelier wall give the space a light and modern feel.

Screenshot 2017-03-24 at 7.08.32 PM

  1. 2. An exclusive entrance

Premium passengers will enter The First Wing via a “scalloped steel and glass enclosure”, where hosts will be waiting to welcome passengers and offer their service.

  1. 3. A dedicated security lane

The First Wing’s check-in area will guide passengers to a new, spacious security channel. From there, it’s a direct route to the Galleries First lounge and the Concorde Room.

  1. 4. Greater privacy

A three-metre high, metal wall will separate different areas in The First Wing and provide privacy, whilst lighting will create a “softer and more human” experience.


  1. 5. Enhanced space

The First Wing check-in area is more that 250% greater in size than what has existed before. There is also a new larger seating area that features armchairs, marble- topped side tables and bespoke leather banquettes.

Yasmin Shahin, brand and design management for BA, says: “Our premium team have been fully briefed to look after the needs of premium customers at every stage of their journey – and they’re excited to do so.”

And we’re excited to let them do so.