Canadian private jet company Bombardier has unveiled a business seat “like no other”, according to Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bombardier Business Aircraft.

Named the ‘Nuage’, the seat is the first new seat architecture in private business aviation in 30 years. It is planned to be installed on the company’s Global 7000 aircraft.


Meticulously designed to achieve optimal in-flight comfort, the Nuage seat is described in a press release from Bombardier as an “ergonomic and aesthetic masterpiece that redefines the very notion of seated comfort for life above the clouds.”

The Nuage will offer a deep recline position, unavailable on any other business aircraft. Unlike other aircraft seats where only the back reclines, pushing the body forward and leading to discomfort, the Nuage features a patented tilt link system that dips the seat as the back is reclined, keeping the body fully supported with no added pressure on the legs.

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The Nuage seat also features a fluid movement system and patented floating base, which allows the seat to track and swivel naturally and effortlessly and without visible floor rails.

For added comfort and support, the Nuage seat is equipped with a tilting headrest – also unavailable on any other seat in business aviation.

The Nuage will be available in a vast selection of leathers, fabrics and finishes.

The Global 7000 aircraft, the most spacious and longest-range business jet ever built, is on track to enter service during the second half of 2018.