After challenging times with the B737MAX, Boeing can look forward to starting production of its new aircraft type, B777X. This aircraft not only sets a new standard but will potentially become a favourite for airlines across the world.

The ongoing pandemic has led to significant changes in the aviation industry. A series of airlines have rapidly phased out their older aircraft types in favour of smaller, more economical aircraft. «The Queen of Air», the jumbo B747, are getting fewer by the day – and the same applies to the giant, the Airbus A380.

In recent years, airlines across the globe have chosen the Boeing B787 Dreamliner and, in particular, the Airbus A350 as new workhorses, but these have far from the same capacity as the «old champions». Not only in terms of the number of passengers, but also in freight capacity.

Boeing is currently having the last test flights for its new B777X, which is predicted to become a popular successor to the now ageing old champions, who are steadily retiring. The aircraft was already on the wings in January, and production is anticipated to start next year, with delivery to customers in 2022.

The B777X is available in two variants: -8 and -9 (B777-8/9). The former is the smallest with a length of just under 70 metres – almost 4 metres shorter than today’s B777-300 ER. The big Brother -9 can boast a full 77 metres in length, making it the world’s longest passenger plane. Both variants have large wings, which are as high as 71.8 metres, about 15 percent larger than its predecessor, B777-300 ER.

The aircraft is built by composite materials, and Boeing has used much of the state-of-the-art technology from its Dreamliner projects. The large wings bring not only benefits, such as better operating costs, but also challenges when the flight arrives at a terminal. As such, the wingtips can be «folded in» as shown below.


In addition to the 15 percent lower fuel consumption, the new B777X will also reduce the noise levels, since the new General Electric engines have a noise level 30 percent lower than the older B777.

Onboard, passengers will be able to enjoy the generous roof height, larger windows, new cabin lighting system and, not least, higher air pressure – reducing the effects of fatigue and jet lag after a long-distance flight. This has been an essential detail in both the Boeing B787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350 aircraft.

The wider cabin also allows new cabin products. So far, little information is known, but we have these pictures from Lufthansa, one of the first airline carriers to order the new aircraft, expected to take it into use in 2022.


In our humble opinion, the configuration is far superior to today’s equivalent products. Thanks to the slightly angled seats, passengers now have exceptional privacy and, direct access to one of the aisles. The layout is every other row with 1-2-1 and 1-1-1 configuration, which means that every other row has a beautiful «throne seat» as seen in the image above.


The image also shows a removable tablet – and from here, passengers can control the seat settings and the entertainment system. It is located in the sidewall, making it conveniently accessible. The in-flight screen is also expected to be larger than today’s products.


A series of airlines have ordered Boeing B777X; ANA All Nippon Airways, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines. – So there is a great chance that you will have the opportunity to experience the B777X soon!