Have you ever dreamt of sitting behind the levers in a large passenger flight? At one of Lufthansa’s five training centres, your dream can come true.

Pro Flight can fulfil your dream of flying the jumbo jet Boeing 747 or the popular long-haul aircraft Boeing 777. Perhaps even the giant Airbus A380 or the new Airbus A350? Choose from one of the 46 different simulators, which all offer a very realistic experience.


In Frankfurt alone, there are 20 simulators offering 12 different aircraft types. The training centre is close to the airport – and so are the four other training centres in Vienna, Munich, Berlin and Essen. They all have the same simulators used by Lufthansa Group’s very own pilots.


At first glance the price may seem relatively expensive, but for aviation enthusiasts, it is definitely worth the price. The price for one hour behind the levers of a Boeing 747, 777 or an Airbus A330 is EUR 349. The price for smaller aircraft types, e.g. Canadair Jet, Dash 8 or Boeing 737 is EUR 299.

Note that this also includes a one-hour pre-flight briefing and a short briefing afterwards. There are a variety of packages available, depending on the participants’ level of competence and the number of participants. This is also a great gift to aviation enthusiasts and it is possible to purchase giftcards for the experience.

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