Although it is soon the end of the superjumbo Airbus A380, the aircraft will still be manufactured for several years to come, and ANA has ordered 3 new aircrafts, launching their first A380 flight in 2 months’ time.

Recently, All Nippon Airways have released the first photos of their new cabin products. First Class has had a makeover, with a configuration of 1 – 2 – 1. The new suites are slightly somber with a soft, grey color. They are not the biggest seats on the market, but certainly great for longer flights. Compared to Singapore Airlines huge A380 suites, for example, they are not impressive. Nevertheless, the difference is reflected in the price. The suites have sliding doors and in our opinion, they are not much different to the suites on Korean Asiana Airlines. In the suite, you can enjoy in-flight entertainment on a 32 inch screen; there is plenty of storage space, with a separate wardrobe.

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In business class there is room for 65 guests who, like in First Class, sit in a 1 – 2 – 1 setup. The seats can recline to flat beds, but do not offer the same degree of privacy without the sliding door. The seat layout alternates between a seat by the window or the aisle – and seats with a table/storage space by the window or aisle. The two seats in the middle section are either adjacent to each other or face towards each aisle. The two closest seats are perfect for people traveling together; however, the following row will suit those traveling alone, offering more privacy for the guests (see photos).


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