What is the number one goal of a hotel? Well, to offer its guests a good night’s sleep.

The world’s first spring-system bed with an adaptable hardness feature is the star of Swiss hotel chain Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts new room concept, “Sleep individually different”, which launched on World Sleep Day, 17 March 2017.

With this in mind, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is launching a unique sleep concept that ensures every guest gets a good kip. The concept, “Sleep Individually Different”, will, according to a press release, offer guests personalised comfort via an adjustable bed, guaranteed darkness in the room and total silence, creating the optimal conditions for a deep sleep.

All Mövenpick hotels in Germany, Holland and Switzerland now offer this room concept.Sleep_xxxxxxxxxxxx_i122868-720x480

“Our primary role as a hospitality specialist is to exceed our guests’ expectations in all that we do. As a company that prides itself on finding innovative ways to improve guest satisfaction, we decided to team up with the Swedish bed manufacturer YouBed. Their unique adaptable beds have been tested by our guests on-site over a period of six months and the results were overwhelmingly positive,” said Ola Ivarsson, Chief Operating Officer Europe.

“The rooms offer a tailor-made sleep like no other,” Ivarsson added: “ The new beds and our customised rooms adopt the latest technology to help guests personalise their environment, creating optimal conditions for deep sleep. As the first global hotel operator to introduce a room category that offers a bespoke sleep experience, we are an industry pioneer, catering to consumer demand for personalisation to a level never witnessed before.”

Mattias Sörensen, the founder and CEO of YouBed also believes that Mövenpick’s new room concept is revolutionary within the hotel industry.

“Studies reveal that nothing has a greater impact on customer satisfaction than a comfortable bed. Given that all guests have different comfort needs, it is groundbreaking that Mövenpick now offers rooms with a one-bed-fits-all solution. Each guest can also fine tune different parts of the bed, to achieve a really perfect personalisation”, he said.  Sleep_xxxxxxxxxxxx_i122867-720x480

“Sleep Individually Different” rooms, which cost 15 Euros (£13) more than a standard room, offers several additional amenities such as Sleep Masks, earplugs, and lavender sachets, as well as black labels for covering the LEDs on electronic devices. In “Sleep” rooms, guests can also enjoy free goodies such as herbal teas and Mövenpick chocolate.

To create the ideal sleeping conditions, the rooms are located in the quiet parts of the hotel, are equipped with blackout curtains for complete darkness and high-quality linens made from natural materials. Different pillows and hypoallergenic sheets are also available.