Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge, London Heathrow (LHR), Terminal 2


Singapore Airlines’ new lounge at London Heathrow opened in mid-April 2015, nearly seven months after Singapore Airlines moved to the new Star Alliance terminal, Terminal 2, at Heathrow. The new lounge is in the satellite pier, T2B, near gate 36, and shares a staircase and lift with Air Canada’s Lounge. After the long escalator up to T2B, go to your left and the lounge is clearly signposted.

The lounge is divided into a first class area to the left of the reception desk, and a business class area to the right of the reception desk. In total, the lounge has room for 208 guests, with room for 50 in the first class section.

The new lounge showcases Singapore Airlines’ new lounge design, designed by the firm ONG & ONG from Singapore. London is the third lounge to get the new design, behind Sydney and Hong Kong.

The first lounge area consists of several sections. After the entrance you come to the restaurant section, which offers a self-service buffet and café tables for those who want to eat something simple. There are also nicely set tables along the wall facing panoramic windows for those who want to eat more formally with nicely folded white napkins and the same elegant tableware used on board in the first class. Further into the lounge there are areas for work and relaxation, for example, Singapore Airlines’ signature chairs with high back rests and yellow and black work booths, developed specifically for the airline, where you can work quite undisturbed. In a bounding room there is a lounge with TV, armchairs and sofas. Additionally, further into the lounge there are rest rooms.

Eating and Drinking

Upon arrival in the first class lounge you will be welcomed by a hostess and then offered a hot towel and Singapore Airlines’s alcohol-free signature cocktail.

The range of food and drink is quite extensive and includes both a self-service buffet in one corner and hot dishes to order from a menu. During the morning, breakfast dishes available on the menu include; eggs benedict, omelette with optional content, scrambled eggs with bacon, and an Asian noodle dish, Mee Siam dry. Later in the day, offerings consist of Nasi Lemak, Singapore laksa, chicken curry, club sandwich and salad. There are also a number of desserts to order.

During this morning test visit, there was, in addition to the à la carte menu, also fruit salad, various yoghurts with cereals and muesli, bread with various toppings and baked goods available. We ordered scrambled eggs, which were subsequently cooked while we waited and were served elegantly with salmon and a piece of bread. Later, we also tried one of their desserts, which are also made to order – mango brulee with fresh fruit.

The beverage selection is extensive; champagne (Laurent Perrier), prosecco, three whites, two reds and a rosé. In addition, there is beer, a very large selection of spirits, as well as seven different cocktails which can be ordered from the staff, among them there are, of course, Singapore’s signature cocktail, Singapore Sling.

All wines are lined up on a nicely decorated table, where there is also matching wine and champagne glasses and bowls of nuts. It all looks very elegant and appealing. Other beverages are available at the buffet, either on a table or in a refrigerator.


The lounge also offers toilets and showers, including a shower that is wheelchair accessible. For those who want to work, there is WiFi throughout the lounge and an internet computer, and further into the lounge there are secluded desk chairs.

There are two TVs in the lounge, of which one is in a saloon-like room with sofas and armchairs. Newspapers and magazines are available in a rack.


This is a really good lounge and a big step up from Singapore Airlines’ previous attempts, which are rather worn, like the lounge in Terminal 3 at Heathrow. The design feels luxurious and elegant, yet homely and harmonious. Additionally, the service, food and drink have all been upgraded thoroughly and pleasant staff take food orders and serve drinks at the tables. To eat at one of the nicely set tables provides a really nice restaurant experience. We were impressed!

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