Matina Lounge, Seoul Incheon, West

Matina Lounge West Seoul Incheon International (ICN), Main Terminal


Matina Lounge is the name of two third-party lounges at Seoul Incheon Aiport. The lounges are not really airport lounges in the normal sense, but are part of the transit hotel at the airport. The transit hotel also houses a restaurant section with a buffet that serves the lounges. Access is gained through payment at reception or with a bonus card, for example, Priority Pass.

The two Matina Lounges are located in the main terminal, one in the East Wing and one in the West Wing. The lounge in the West Wing is located on a balcony above the transit hall near gate 43. To get there, follow the signs marked “Transit Hotel” and take the escalator up one floor.

The lounge is quite bright and offers views of the transit hall through large panoramic windows. The interior is mostly white. Chairs, tables and the buffet are in green and brown.

Eating and Drinking

The self-service buffet offers simple hot and cold food that varies depending on the time of day. For example, breakfast dishes available in the morning. There is also fresh fruit, vegetables, cakes and pastries on offer.

Soft drinks and juices are available from a refrigerator and there is also a basic selection of alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wine.


Toilets are located directly adjacent to the lounge. The transit hotel also offers showers and rest rooms, this is not included in a lounge visit but can be arranged at reception for a fee.



A simple lounge connected to a transit hotel. The lounge offers no particular facilities but has a decent selection of food considering it is a third-party lounge.

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