Salon La Croix Du Sud Lounge, Toulouse Blagnac

La Croix Du Sud Lounge, Toulouse Blagnac (TLS)


Salon La Croix Du Sud is the only lounge at Toulouse Blagnac Airport. The lounge is located in the transit hall for Schengen passengers, Hall C. If your flight departs from Hall A or B, it is quite a distance between lounge and gate. The lounge is used by all airlines who operate Toulouse and is also accessible to passengers with Priority Pass, Diners Club and Airport Angel.

The lounge has a cool modern design with furniture in red, yellow and orange, and a mix of chairs, armchairs and sofas with matching tables. The lounge is divided into two floors, the major difference being that upstairs has large windows facing the apron and the transit hall and is, thus, also much brighter than downstairs, where there are no windows.

The lounge is 300 square metres and, according to the information brochure, has room for 100 visitors. It may sound big, but as the only lounge in one of France’s major international airports, it is not enough. It was full to capacity when I made the test visit, a late afternoon on a weekday, and the staff did not have time to clear the tables. This meant that there was a lot of clutter and empty glasses on the tables.

Eating and Drinking

The range of food and drink is limited. The choice of drinks were; juices, soft drinks, beer and wine, and a standard range of spirits. Unfortunately, there is no real food available in the lounge, only biscuits, cheese, cakes, muffins, potato chips, nuts and fruit.



Free WiFi is available throughout the lounge, however, a full lounge of online visitors meant the connection was slow. There are also desktop computers and workstations.

French and English newspapers are on offer from a rack and upstairs there are televisions showing news and sports.


The design is stylish but the lounge is too small to be the only lounge at the airport. A big minus is the lack of proper food, there are only snacks to eat.

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