China Eastern VIP Lounge, Seoul Incheon

China Eastern Lounge, Seoul Incheon International (ICN)


The China Eastern Lounge is located in the satellite pier at Seoul Incheon International Airport, one floor above the general transit hall, next door to Korean Air’s Lounge.

The lounge is used, as the name implies, primarily by China Eastern, along with cooperating airlines China Southern and Shanghai Airlines. Under the current rules, you can also gain access to the lounge with the other airlines in the Skyteam. Turkish Airlines also use the lounge for an unknown reason.

The interior and the design feel very exclusive, with upscale marble-like material and black detailing. The lounge has a number of spotlights as well as a wall of light, but despite this the lounge feels somewhat dark and dull. When I visited this lounge a few years ago, there were palm trees in the middle of the lounge which created a completely different feeling and a much warmer atmosphere. Now these are sadly gone and have been replaced with some smaller potted plants. This has certainly had an effect on the ambience in the lounge.

The lounge is built around an elongated central section featuring designer ornaments, potted plants and workplaces with computers. Either side of the centre section offers seating areas with sofas and armchairs.

Eating and Drinking

In one corner there is a self-service buffet with ready made sandwiches, fresh fruit, cereal with milk, cookies and pastries. During certain times simple hot food is also available.

The beverage selection is adequate for a small lounge. There are two refrigerators stocked with beer, soft drinks and juices. Opposite the refrigerators is a table with wine and a standard range of spirits, with at least a few choices.



Free WiFi is available throughout the lounge and there is also a very good business centre complete with workstations, nine computers and two printers.

For those who want to relax, there are several TVs and a pretty good selection of newspapers and magazines, however, it is hardly surprising that the majority of titles and TV shows are in Chinese.

A very nice detail is the massage armchairs available at the back of the lounge behind a screen. Here you can enjoy a relaxing massage for free while watching TV.

Toilets are also available in the lounge.


The lounge is, on the whole, fairly nice with good facilities and an acceptable range of food and drink. It is, however, a shame that they removed the large plants that once existed in the lounge, these made it somewhat more pleasant. It now feels a little too dark and sterile.


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