Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge London Heathrow Terminal 2

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, London Heathrow (LHR), Terminal 2


Air Canada’s new Maple Leaf Lounge is located in the Star Alliance Terminal, terminal 2, at Heathrow Airport. The lounge is located in the satellite pier, known as T2B, and is accessed via a long tunnel from the main building, T2A, where check-in and a number of shops are found. It is possible to walk between the two buildings in both directions, but if you have a flight departing from T2A, you should allocate just over 15 minutes to get from the lounge to your gate.

The new Maple Leaf lounge was opened at the end of June 2014 in connection with Air Canada’s move from terminal 3 to terminal 2. The lounge is furnished with a Canadian design which is modern, inspiring, and creates a place where travellers can relax and recharge before their flight. The lounge is designed by the design firm ‘Dialogue 38’ who also designed Air Canada’s new lounge at Frankfurt Airport.

The lounge has an area of 700 square metres and is divided into different sections. The main part of the lounge is a large room with big panoramic windows that offer views of the apron and the terminal building T2A. There are several seating areas in the main section, with chairs, armchairs, and brown leather sofas. The large panoramic windows allow plenty of natural light in, which makes the lounge bright and energising.

Eating and Drinking

The lounge has a very nice restaurant section. Here you find a long bar table with bar stools, as well as a number of regular tables and chairs where you can sit down and eat properly. Next to a long wall is a self-service buffet, which offers simple hot food, ready-made sandwiches, a salad buffet, cheeses, and cold meats. It is also be possible to order meals cooked by a chef, something we never tried.

A large variety of beers, wines, and spirits are available at the manned bar, also located in the restaurant area. There are four different beers on tap, along with nine different cocktails. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are self-service, and coffee is available to order from the bartender (who also acts as the barista), or from the coffee machine next to the buffet, which is of a superior variety.

A large number of people work in the restaurant. Throughout our visit there were at least two people serving drinks, helping at the coffee machine, clearing tables, and taking orders. This created a very attentive and high standard of service.


For those who want to work, there is a shielded conference-like room with a long table. Here you can plug you in computer and sit down and work. For entertainment, there is a long table with tablets that function both as computers and entertainment systems. In the ‘Quiet Zone’, there are three reclining chairs with their own TV screens, USB ports, and Sony noise cancelling headphones. There is also a large rack of newspapers and magazines.

Toilets and showers are available in the lounge. The shower rooms are equipped with rain showers and also have relaxing music built in.


A really attractive and fresh lounge. The large room with seating areas is possibly a bit mundane, but the other facilities make a very good impression, not least the restaurant area, with the manned bar, and the excellent service. These make the lounge well worth a visit.


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