Lithuania’s aviation industry has a somewhat disappointing history, and last week it was time for the latest Lithuanian airline, Air Lituanica, to shut up shop after three years of operation.

New announcements from Latvian airline, Air Baltic, have indicated that they will now operate a number of routes previously served by Air Lituanica.

The following routes will start September 3, 2015:

Vilnius-Brussels – four flights a week

Vilnius-Berlin – four flights a week

Vilnius-Paris: three flights a week

Vilnius-Stockholm – Up to two departures per day

Vilnius-Warsaw – seven flights a week

Vilnius-Helsinki – seven flights a week

In addition, Air Baltic will continue to operate the routes Vilnius-Amsterdam and Vilnius-Riga.

– Air Baltic’s home market is Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. We will consolidate and strengthen our services in our home market by offering more direct flights. We will launch the first direct routes from Vilnius to western and northern Europe today and will consider further routes eventually, said Martin Gauss, CEO of Air Baltic, in a statement.

Passengers who have a reservation with Air Lituanica this week will also be helped with re-booking on one of Air Baltic flights via Riga.