We ask for some extra attention on a service that is critical to our business. At BusinessClass.co.uk, we have a hotel search that guarantees you a great selection of the best hotels across the world at the very best prices. This is because we compare all the major hotel booking services, such as Booking.com, Hotels.com and many, many more. There is a lot to earn by comparing and we make this very easy.

We hope you as a member can use this search service when looking for hotel accommodations for both business and leisure trips.

BusinessClass.co.uk is run as a non-profitable business today, where we have high costs for server hosting (we recently had a big and costly restructuring at the beginning of the summer), editorial activities and technical issues like GDPR, exciting functionality like Upgrade Guru, etc.

If you are looking for and booking hotels through our hotel search service, it will help to cover the costs of running the website. It can also help us to develop new exciting services.

Please test our hotel search any time you’re looking for a hotel and, if the price is lower than others or same price, that you book through our link. This is highly appreciated and will support BusinessClass.

Test the hotel search here.

Thank you in advance from the entire BusinessClass team.