As frequent travellers know only too well, constant globe-trotting can wreak havoc on your fitness regime.  

From this autumn, however, travellers flying from London’s Heathrow will be able to make the most of their time at the airport with the opportunity to work up a sweat at the world’s first wellness and fitness studio in an airport.

The new fitness studio, which is the result of an exclusive partnership with FlyFit, will offer passengers both instructor-led and interactive strength, restorative yoga, and cardio classes.

London Heathrow Terminal 2

London Heathrow Terminal 2

Photo: Heathrow Airport

It will be located immediately after security in the departure hall of Terminal 2. It will be accessible through a lift down to the private facility. The gym will provide rental workout clothing, shower facilities and healthy food options, such as smoothies, to help travellers stay fit and healthy wherever they’re heading.

The idea was developed by FlyFit founders Brian Chappon and Lauren Perkins, two long-time road warriors and fitness enthusiasts who both experienced the challenges of maintaining mental and physical health while travelling first-hand.

“As a long time instructor, coach, triathlete and entrepreneur, I saw my performance and energy levels suffer as I racked up frequent flyer miles,” said Lauren Perkins.

“I knew others faced these same challenges. FlyFit was born out of our shared passion to improve health and well-being on the road for ourselves and others. We are creating a space for fitness and community that has previously been lacking in airports.”

Heathrow’s Flyfit fitness studio looks to be a useful addition for health-conscious passengers. If it is a success, expect to see similar studios in other terminals and airports around the world.