America’s Delta Air Lines has launched a new service that allows passengers to stay fully connected with friends, family, colleagues and clients – on the ground or in the air – with the free use of WhatsApp messaging, Facebook Messenger and iMessage.

The new service, which launched on October 1, means that free messaging is now available on all Gogo-enabled Delta flights, which includes all aircraft with two or more cabins. It is accessible through Delta’s Wi-Fi portal page, which can be accessed in-flight by visiting

Prior to launching the service, Delta commissioned a UK study into the most common things travellers have forgotten to do whilst in-flight. They found that forgetting to turn off the iron or putting on an out of office notification are some of the things that commonly concern fliers once they have taken off.

Delta says the study confirms that being able to message family, friends or work contacts while flying would make the journey more enjoyable and help reassure travellers.