British Airways is undergoing a process of change in order to provide even better service to its passengers. It’s doing this by, among other things, becoming the first airline in the UK to offer automated biometric technology throughout the airport with the launch of self-service boarding gates.

To make passing through the airport easier and faster for travellers, BA has opened three automated boarding gates for domestic flights at Heathrow’s Terminal 5. Using an automated biometric technology allows passengers to simply scan their own boarding pass before boarding the plane.

Self-service boarding gates

Self-service boarding gates

Photo: British Airways

At security, a digital facial scan is taken of the passenger, which then gets matched with the passenger’s face at the gate when presenting the boarding pass. This technology that British Airways is introducing is more advanced than alternative systems currently deployed by other airlines and airports.

The introduction of the new gates are part of wider investments in new technologies that will improve the customer experience during their time at the airport, British Airways said in a press release.